Ideas for quarantining

In my previous post I have already commented how positive is being for us from confinement in some way. We are making each day different from the other and we occupying our time being more creative than ever. The little ones are surely the ones who win the battle talking about creativity, but in case you need a little help, here are a few ideas to entertain your body and mind, enjoy them!

  • SPORTS ACTIVITY: Workouts to do with the kids courtesy of Tri Academy. On their Youtube channel you can find this and more workouts:
  • EASY AND HEALTHY COOKING: Some great, simple and healthy recipes of Ideas en 5 minutos JUEGOS to cook with the little ones of the house and have some fun. Also, on this YouTube channel, they have a wide variety of tutorials for making crafts:
  • CRAFTS: On Pinterest, part of the colección 1.000 manualidades, we find this treasure that will undoubtedly be very useful to make quarantine evenings much more enjoyable.
  • READING: On Amazon, in the Kindle Store section, there is a large selection of free e-books, for little and also older readers.
  • GAMES: There are plenty of websites that give a lot of very original game ideas and easy ways to prepare them, but I find these two very complete with a great compilation of games: and

I hope you liked these proposals and I encourage you to share your ideas by posting your comment to make this confinement more bearable !

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