Quarantine: Waste of time or opportunity?

These are days of confinement. And everyone is handling it as well as they can. There are those who are on the front line of this fight, workers in the sectors considered of basic necessity by the Government who, tireless, are making possible that the mayority of the population stays at home. Healthy and safe. From here a thousand times thanks, although no word of thanks is enough for what they are doing.

On the other hand, there are those of us who, prisoners of this undesirable virus, are confined at home and we have no better adventure than going out to buy the essentials. The vast majority of us have never spent so much time indoors as we do now, and we find ourselves learning how to make the most of it.

It’s something amazing to see how creativity emerges in times of crisis, art and self-confidence are given free rein, the feeling of community and belonging is reinforced and we show solidarity with the rest of the people, reconciling ourselves with the world little by little.

I see this moment as a clear opportunity. To dedicate time to ourselves and to everything that can be done indoors and makes us happy at the same time. Let’s work to make this moment the perfect opportunity to get to know ourselves better and to be a little better person when all this is over. Let’s try to catch the message that life is sending us: seeing beauty in simple things and treasuring what you have in the present.

It is a great opportunity to behave as we really should, as humans.

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