Why traveling with children is a good idea?

Due to my previous job I had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. And travel a lot. Something that fascinated me about airplane and airport life was being able to see first-hand the differences between the habits and the behavior of people according to their nationality.

One of the things that surprised me the most from the first trip I made to a Scandinavian country, specifically Sweden, was how families formed by dad / mom (including all possible combination) and 3 or 4 consecutive aged little tiddlers, take all their stuff (a lot) and go on holidays to any part of the world. And so happily!

That is something you’ll rarely see in a family from anywhere else in Europe. And now we could have a discussion arguing that “having into consideration average of a Swedish salary, they can afford it” or, “they have another type of education, they adapt more easily to unfamiliar environments” … Well, do you know what I think? I think is a matter of habits, without more ado. We usually don’t like to complicate our lives, and just with the fact of thinking about traveling with a baby or toddler, we start sweating and puffing. And if we talk traveling with two or more little ones, we do not even consider any trip further than taking the car and going to the closest coastal place?.

However, the tourism industry is increasingly aware of the basic needs of traveling with children and offers us many options that make life easier for us when going on a family trip (I’ll write about them more in detail in future blog posts):

– “Family-friendly” tourist destinations, like Gran Canaria
– Ideal accommodation for families
– Service companies focused on families: excursions or tours, baby equipment rental, babysitting services, etc.
– Innovative products to make the trip and stay much more comfortable for the whole family, such as the solutions offered by Koala Kloud or Trunki.

In addition to all this, there are multiple benefits of traveling as a family that we should take into consideration not just to not stop traveling but to travel even more when a little one (or more than one) has come into our lives! . Among them I will highlight the following:

  • Family ties are strengthened: Due to today’s rhythms of life, we don’t usually spend much time sharing moments with the whole family. Trips are a great opportunity to do it!
  • Happy memories of common experiences are generated: what we have experienced during a family trip always be remembered with affection and happily recalled at family meetings.
  • It helps our little ones having an intercultural vision of the world and of people, which makes them being more tolerant and respectful about the diversity that surrounds them.
  • It encourages development of adaptability skills of our little ones through the many experiences lived during the trip.
  • They develop a vision of the world as the protagonist of their games, without the need for toys or material elements. Every place and every experience is totally new and discovering them becomes a game in itself.
  • Traveling with your little ones will give you their unique vision of things and places. Although you have already visited a place, adapting yourself to their pace and seeing that place through their eyes will make your experience totally different and much more enriching also on a personal level.

And I could continue listing the positive aspects of traveling with the little ones and writing a huge post, but I think and hope that all this has already been enough to convince you!

Post your comment if you want to share any benefits of family travels!

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      Thank you! Glad you liked it and used it useful!

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