Kids-friendly restaurants in Gran Canaria

Surely you’ve ever wanted to go out to eat with your family and have a good day together.

But let’s be honest, kids in restaurants get bored. Very bored. And in the end, you often end up with active kids running around, getting in and out of chairs, and nervous parents scolding them and wondering if to go out to eat was really such a good idea. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, here I provide you with a list of restaurants located in Gran Canaria, that I recommend not just because they serve amazing food, but also because they meet the needs of our little ones, creating leisure areas for them, and making that going out to eat is a fun experience for the whole family. Here they go:

You no longer have an excuse to make eating out with your little ones one of your favorite hobbies!

Leave your comment on this post if would recommend any other place that is not on this list ?.

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