Traveling light with babies or toddlers?… yes, you can!

When it comes to packing your bag to travel with your little ones, there are surely a lot of things that worry you, but I think there are especially two that are going to keep you awake at night: 1. not to forget anything you must take with you and, 2. how you are going to take all the gear that is essential for you (this will depend on each person and your needs) and not to travel with half a house in tow and not to pay lots of money for baggage excess (this will also depend on the airline).

1. Don’t forget anything essential

I would absolutely recommend to prepare a list in advance for not to forget anything. On this list, you must write what is essential and what is necessary for you. Thus, you will see more clearly what to leave at home and what to take with you.

In Bébé Voyage web site, you have a lot of “checklists” to organize the luggage that I find super useful.

Take into consideration that most probably you will find many of the things in local stores or supermarkets at the destination. Although being honest, this will depend on the destination.

At Your Travel Baby we solve this problem. We have implemented our “Personal Baby Shopper” service, so when you visit Gran Canaria, you carry just the essentials.

What is our “Personal Baby Shopper” service

We buy for you everything you need for your little one. Either because you are on holidays in Gran Canaria or, because you don’t have time to go shopping or you cannot find someone to look after your little ones and go find calmly what you need.

You tell us what you want us to buy and what is the maximum budget you want to spend and that’s it. Easy, fast and very convenient! And if you still have any question or want further info, just contact us.

2. How to take all the gear with you

There are essential things such as clothing, basic medical and first-aid kit, entertainment gadgets for the trip, your little one’s favorite toy and personal hygiene items. And then there are others, that although they’re essential too, there is no way of knowing how you are going to take them with you.

Well, Your Travel Baby gives you a solution for it. We can provide you with a crib, a high chair, a baby bottle warmer, a compact stroller, a bathtub, beach toys, a rearfacing car seat… everything you may need during your stay in Gran Canaria, at very affordable prices and with all the guarantees!

For us, the safety and comfort of our small customers come first, that’s why we only work with top brand, updated and in perfect shape products. In addition, all our products go through a deep and careful disinfection and cleaning process after each use, and before delivering it, we carry out another cleaning. Every precaution must be taken when it comes to our kids!.

Delivery and collection are completely free and we can deliver the rented product to your accommodation or to the airport, very useful when you reserve strollers or car seats.

If you want to know a little more about our products, do not hesitate to visit our website or ask us, with no obligation!

I hope that with all these comforts to travel to Gran Canaria with your little one, you don’t hesitate and as long as you can, you book your next trip to the island ?

Tell me about your experience traveling with your kids or share this post if you find it useful.

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