Renting baby products, what is this about and why is renting a good idea?

Surely, you haven’t heard about this service or you have but you don’t know exactly what it means.

Just as you rent a car, a bicycle, etc., now you can also rent products for your baby in Gran Canaria.

If you live on the island you will wonder, why would I rent anything if I already have everything I need?

Well, I am going to give you some examples of the most common situations in which you have surely been more than once:

  • You would like to try a certain product or a specific brand before deciding to buy it. Maybe you are not sure if the product you are looking at adapts to your lifestyle, because of its dimensions, characteristics, etc. or you don’t know if your baby will like using it as much as you will like buying it, and most probably it will end up as one more junk you used just a couple of times. We work just with top brand products such as Baby Jogger, Maclaren, Maxi-Cosi etc. and it is very likely that we have that product that you have your eye on.
  • It is a product that seems very very practical, but only for rare occasions. These products could be, for example, a portable high chair, a beach trolley or a breast pump. Well, you don’t have to give it up, or buy it to use it once or twice. You can also rent it ?
  • You need a product just for a specific occasion: you take your nephew to the beach and you don’t have a car seat, you have to pick your little one up and you only have a car seat in one of your two cars, you will participate in a running event and you want to take your baby with you but your stroller is not suitable for running, your best friend and his baby are visiting the island and you don’t have a car seat for your driving tour around Gran Canaria… does that sound familiar to you? Stay calm, we solve it too! ?
  • You are going on a trip but your stroller or pushchair is just too big, or you are afraid that it could be damaged or broken. You can rent one of our compact and easily folding strollers.
  • You have a little one that already walks, and that in your day to day goes with you everywhere without needing a buggy, but instead, when it comes to go on vacation and make a walking visit of a city you know that it will not hold up and that situation will become hell for you, and especially for your little one. Well in this case, you can rent a cart for that trip and that’s it. And moreover, what if you also have a baby? Well, either you rent one of our twin strollers where both will feel like kings or, you rent a single stroller and an stroller platform, where your little one can standing or seating.

And, when you travel to Gran Canaria?

  • You will be able to travel much lighter and more comfortable. Imagine, you no longer have to think about how being able to carry at the same time the child, the car seat, the strollers, the toys, the suitcases, the bag for the trip … Just organize what you will need during the trip until you get to your accommodation and forget about the rest!
  • You will not have to plan the trip so far in advance, since with the necessary stuff for the trip and for the arrival day, it will be more than enough. Forget to carry wipes, diapers, baby food, etc. for the entire stay, since through our Personal Baby Shopper service, we buy everything you need for your baby during your stay and we deliver it to you where best suits you. You have more info about this service on our website.
  • You won’t have to do any research on your airline’s baggage policy, and you will also avoid unpleasant surprises from unexpected excess baggage extra charges. Morevoer, you won’t risk that your own gear get lost or damaged.
  • You can enjoy the comfort of having products that you usually use at home that you cannot take with you, such as a high chair or a bottle warmer, that are not essential, but will certainly make your stay much more comfortable and will make your baby feel almost at home.

You still have doubts that make you not clear, let’s solve them!


We deliver the products you rent to where it best suits you: at your home, at your accommodation if you come on holidays, at an agreed meeting point or at the airport. This last delivery point is very useful especially when you rent an stroller or a car seat. Upon your arrival, we will be waiting for you with the rented material and on the departure day, we will also collect it at the airport.

Cleaning & Disinfection Guarantee

We understand that many people do not even consider the possibility of renting the equipment for their baby due to the fact that they do not trust that the protocols and cleaning and disinfection processes applied to the equipment and accessories are sufficient and adequate.

With this in mind, one of our premises is to ensure that all our products are in perfect hygiene and good condition before delivering it.

Upon receiving the products after a rental, they are disinfected with certified viricidal and bactericidal products and cleaned, both the rigid and the textile parts, using steam or cleaning with neutral non-abrasive products for our small customers.

Also before a new rental, we clean our products again and thus ensure that it is impeccable for each of our clients.

Safety Guarantee

All the products we use are top international branded and always up-to-date models, so you count with our guarantee and the one from the manufacturers. Of course, all defective products are immediately removed (a car seat that may has suffered a mishap, for example).

What can you tell us about your experience traveling with your baby or kids? Would you find useful to hire this type of services? Have you been to a destination where you have hired a similar service? We would love to know a little more! Please leave your comment telling us your experience!

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