What do I need to travel to Gran Canaria?

I had been thinking already for a while that, being a travel blog dedicated to my beautiful island, I should address what is neccesary for a person who wants to travel to Spain or visit us in these coronavirus times.

I hadn’t done before to avoid giving you wrong information, since the way we’re getting informed is very confusing and easy to be given different interpretations, and being afraid of not to be updated enough, since the rules and guidelines change from one day to the other.

Therefore, I think it is most appropriate in this case to refer you to the official websites, tourism in Spain and the Canary Islands and the Ministry of Health of the Spanish Government, where you can find very detailed and updated information, available in different languages:

If you are flying with making a stop in the Spanish Peninsula, take into account the specific advises and Spain travel restrictions that have been established, as these may be somewhat different from those required for the Canary Islands.

I hope this post will help you, in case you’re planning to visit us in these though times (that I really hope so, being a tourist entrepreneur ?)

We really hope to see you again soon!

If you think that this post can be helpful to someone you know, feel free to share it ?

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